Monday, April 30, 2012

Review: Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoos

Review Time!
Okay, i cannot say enough good things about these things. They are by far one of my favorite drug store products to ever come out! I have all 10 of the colors maybelline makes and can honestly say i've used them all at least 8 times a piece. I've had them for about a month now and the variation of color is amazing. They come in neutrals to brights to colors in between. These are best applied with either your finger or a synthetic flat eye shadow brush due to the consistency of this product. They go on so smooth and literally last all day. I have never once had any of these colors crease on me. They look amazing alone or as a base an eyeshadow. They retail at about $7.00 a piece depending on where you go to get them. There sold in most drugstores as well as Ulta and Walmarts. If you haven't already you should definitely check these shadows out! Here are some closer looks :

In order of the swatches: Tough As Taupe, Audacious Asphalt and Too Cool

in order of swatches: Fierce and Tangy, Painted Purple, Edgy Emerald, Tenacious Teal

in order of swatches: Bad to the Bronze, Bold Gold, Pomegranate Punk

look of the week!

look of the week !
okay! so! now that the blog is up and running we're gonna start doing more things like this. This is a look i came up with inspired by peacock feathers and thought it would look awesome! my best friend emily did all the photography and editing and ashley is the model :) you'll be hearing more about them in looks to come. anyways lets get to the look!

Products used:
face: primer: Revlon Photo Ready perfecting primer in 001
foundation: Salley Hansen Airbrush Spray Makeup in medium
setting powder: Neutrogena mineral sheers powder foundation in Classic Ivory 10
bronzer: ELF Golden Bronzer
contour: Rimmel Natural Broncer in Sundance 027
blush: Coastal Scents blush palette (orange)
highlight: Maybelline illuminator in ray of gold

eyes: primer: urban decay primer potion in eden
first color: bh cosmetics 88 shimmer palette (turquoise, green, 
liner: ELF cream eyeliner in black
ELF liquid liner in golden shimmer
mascara: Covergirl lash blast 24hr in black gold
highlight: avon big colour eye pencil crayon in lightening (n) Clair plus

lips: gloss: Maybelline wet shine diamonds liquid in clear cut diamond
shadow: bh cosmetics palette (turquoise and green)
gold:  milani runway shadows in 10 haute couture 

Friday, April 27, 2012

i love living in the adirondacks..
obviously me living here doesn't have to do to much with makeup. BUT i moved up here with a friend to go to school (my family and i guess i still technically live on long island). So everyday is a new experience for me. I have a horse up here, cowboy, whos the love of my life and i couldn't ask for anything more. but in reguards to makeup, today i went to rite aide and picked up a few things so haul pictures up soon :) the cool thing about drug stores up here are that they don't sell out as fast as the ones on Long Island. I don't know if its cause more people on long island wear makeup or what, but its nice to actually have products in the stores. The downfall to that though is that upstate new york doesn't get the new collections and such as quick as long island does. Reguardless, it is what it is. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Maybelline Baby Lips!

another product that the hype has been ridiculous about! Maybelline baby lips :) I've had these for a little over a month now so i think i can make a pretty good opinion on them. First off, these are super duper moisturizing, almost on the verge of slippery on your lips. The packaging on these things are absolutely adorable. The colors of the words verses the actual lip product packaging blends so nicely and just makes them look fun! This product also comes with a good amount of product, and it lasts forever. The three i have (in order of the picture) are 25: Pink Punch,  05: Quenched, and 30: Peach Kiss. Here are some swatches and a little about them:

25: Pink Punch
This color is one of the more pigmented ones. As you can see from the photo its a very bright pink, almost verging on strawberry shortcake in the revlon lip butters. The thing i don't like about this color is the actual pink color looks a bit chalky on my lips. Maybe i'm just not fond of this particular color pink, but it definitely isn't one of my favorites. I will say that this one smells super good though. Smells exactly like fruit punch which is perfect for summer time of course :)

30: Peach Kiss
This color is one of my favorites. Its a very peachy color with gold shimmer to it that looks beautiful on. This is literally one of the 2 lip products i keep in my bag just because it goes with everything and is super moisturizing as well. Its not crazy pigmented or anything, gives off more of a peachy sheen than an actual peach color. The thing about this color is that its buildable. It smells just like peaches and tastes like it too. Definitely would recommend this one.

05: Quenched
This is another one of my favorites simply because its just a sheer lip color. I put this on everyday before i start doing my makeup to get my lips nice and ready for any other lip product i might put on. This one is hard to describe the smell to it, but I'm gonna say its like a citrus-y smell. Regardless it smells really good. This is a perfect lip conditioner for anyone due to the fact it is translucent. 

my new hair

          My New Hair :
So basically i did what i seem to do every few months and got completely and totally bored with my hair. I have this thing for putting turquoise in my hair and then i always end up dying it back to brown BUT then in a month i miss my turquoise. SO. this time i decided to do it right and i bleached the whole underside of my hair. Then i did most of the underside turquoise with SPLAT Aqua Rush hair dye. SPLAT hair products are sold in drugstores but i could not find this color for the life of me in any drug store so i ordered mine off amazon. It retails at about $15.00. Then on the pieces closer to my face which were also bleached, i took some SPLAT hair dye in Lusty Lavender (which was a lot easier to find) and started with the turquoise on top then blended the lavender dye into the turquoise and down to the tips. i foiled my turquoise underside but not the purple/turquoise pieces because i wanted them to dry on there own. Washed my hair out and VAALAHH. colorful hair for summer time :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Revlon Lip Butters

Revlon Lip Butters
Creme Brulee, Sweet tart, Peach Parfait, Gumdrop, Strawberry Shortcake, Cotton Candy, Cupcake

okay, let me just start off with the fact that i LOVE these things. I am not a big lipstick girl by any means. I feel that they dry my lips out way to much and nobody likes the look of dried out lips, lets be honest. These are amazing products though! These honestly made me change my mind about lip products all together. They're called lip butters for a reason. The texture of these are so buttery (go figure) and leave your lips so moisturized. Unlike most lip balm type products though, these are crazy pigmented. Literally like nothing i've ever tried before. I only have 7 out of the 20 shades they offer, but i do plan on purchasing more.  These retail at about $7.50 a piece and you can find them at your local drugstore or places like Ulta. (right now Ulta is having a buy one get one 50% off of revlon products so go get some!) Here are some swatches and descriptions of the colors i have:

Creme Brulee
Creme Brulee is more on the matte side for the revlon lip butters. Obviously they all have some shine to them but unlike most of the rest, this one doesn't have much sparkle to it. Its  really beautiful neutral brown color thats a little more on the milky side than a true brown.

Sweet Tart
Sweet tart is a glossy hot pink color thats very pigmented. A little goes a long way with this stuff. This color is definitely more of a red-pink than a true pink which makes it perfect for summer!

Cotton Candy
This is by far one of my favorite shades in the bunch. It is definitely my most used. Cotton candy is a sheer light pink with lots of shimmer. Its a great everyday color in my opinion, if your into pink lips. Literally goes with every makeup look.

Peach Parfait
Peach Parfait is a peachy-pink color with lots of golden shimmer. It honestly is verging on a coral color but not quite. This color looks so pretty for summer time. 

This is one of the most unique shades i own. This color is a lilac purple with lots of shimmer as well. Don't let this picture fool you, its alot more opaque on the lips. 

Strawberry Shortcake
Strawberry shortcake is your typical barbie doll pink. Its very creamy and very pigmented. It has alot of silver-ish shimmer to it but really is a true pink.

Cupcake is another one of my favorites. Its a beautiful pink with blue undertones. This is another one thats super pigmented. You really only need a little bit of this stuff or it can give your lips a washed out affect.