Wednesday, April 25, 2012

my new hair

          My New Hair :
So basically i did what i seem to do every few months and got completely and totally bored with my hair. I have this thing for putting turquoise in my hair and then i always end up dying it back to brown BUT then in a month i miss my turquoise. SO. this time i decided to do it right and i bleached the whole underside of my hair. Then i did most of the underside turquoise with SPLAT Aqua Rush hair dye. SPLAT hair products are sold in drugstores but i could not find this color for the life of me in any drug store so i ordered mine off amazon. It retails at about $15.00. Then on the pieces closer to my face which were also bleached, i took some SPLAT hair dye in Lusty Lavender (which was a lot easier to find) and started with the turquoise on top then blended the lavender dye into the turquoise and down to the tips. i foiled my turquoise underside but not the purple/turquoise pieces because i wanted them to dry on there own. Washed my hair out and VAALAHH. colorful hair for summer time :)


  1. Wow! Love these colours, they go really nicely together, very cute for summer!

    1. thank you! i neeed something to get me into the summer mood :)

  2. Your hair is so nice! Looks wicked xx