Friday, April 27, 2012

i love living in the adirondacks..
obviously me living here doesn't have to do to much with makeup. BUT i moved up here with a friend to go to school (my family and i guess i still technically live on long island). So everyday is a new experience for me. I have a horse up here, cowboy, whos the love of my life and i couldn't ask for anything more. but in reguards to makeup, today i went to rite aide and picked up a few things so haul pictures up soon :) the cool thing about drug stores up here are that they don't sell out as fast as the ones on Long Island. I don't know if its cause more people on long island wear makeup or what, but its nice to actually have products in the stores. The downfall to that though is that upstate new york doesn't get the new collections and such as quick as long island does. Reguardless, it is what it is. 

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